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Providing a faster, more efficient & cost-effective way to maintain solid waste containers.

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Most cities and solid waste companies do not offer this curbside service or the responsibility of washing and maintaining your trash bins and dumpsters. Residents and businesses are left responsible to clean and maintain their own. It can be a serious problem for water over-use, chemical misuse & improper grey water disposal when individuals attempt to DIY clean the foul smell away.

Treasure Valley Eco Wash will use 25 times less water and reduce potentially millions of gallons of toxic water from flowing into the storm drains. With our professional, high-pressure and self-contained eco wash system there are no harsh chemicals entering the ecosystem. We are proud to bring this technology to your communities!

Another essential service we now offer is our new commercial dumpster eco wash system. It allows us to wash 10,8,6,4 and 2 cubic yard dumpsters! We have the most efficient, safest dumpster cleaning systems on the market. Our dumpster eco wash system is fully automated, assuring your dumpsters are cleaned properly. While others take hours to physically jump inside these dumpsters and manually scrub and spray them out, our trucks handle the dirty work for us!

Our technicians will keep your bins and dumpsters clean and sanitized with our fast and effective Solid Waste Eco Wash System. So, sit back, relax and let us do the dirty work!

2 - 1 Hybrid Commercial Eco Wash System!

Today we have the capability to wash dumpsters of all sizes using the most efficient technology within minutes on site. This helps you save money and time! We are also able to accommodate the 96 gallon bins as well on this same Eco Wash System!

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Our Vision

Cities & Solid Waste

HOA's & Property Management Companies

Treasure Valley Eco Wash provides an easy and cost-effective way of protecting a community’s health and eliminating foul odors from residential areas. We calculate the cost of service based on the number of users and service vehicles needed so that HOAs can enjoy maximum cost effectiveness.

Treasure Valley Eco Wash has various service options to cover residential and HOA’s needs. Let us help you find the solution that is the best fit for you and your community. Services are delivered directly to your location and scheduled right after regularly scheduled trash pick-up for your convenience.

Keep your housing community clean and beautiful while showing your residents and prospective tenants how much you care about their health, safety and happiness with our completely contained waste receptacle cleaning service.

Why Treasure Valley Eco Wash?

State of the art equipment

Our commercial grade equipment allows us to clean your bins more efficiently.

Licensed & Insured

Our driver / technicians are highly trained and certified to do the work.

Eco Conscious

Our trucks use 25 times less water than residents DIY cleaning. We save water & help reduce land and water pollution.

100% Customer Service

Waiting to hear from you! Contact us 24/7 for any questions you may have.

Residential & Commercial

We have programs geared towards residential & commercial.

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